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Terms of service - Journal of Feelings

This term regulates the use of Journal of Feelings, assigning to the Journal of Feelings ́s user (called USER) and implies full acceptance of its terms’ conditions when performing the installation of the application on your mobile device or even use the website dziennikuczuc.pl.


Journal of Feelings provides USERS ability to write down their ENTRY in APPLICATION.

Conditions of access and use

APPLICATION: mobile application for writing ENTRY
ENTRY: dairy entry in which user describes his daily basis emotions and feelings
TRIAL PERIOD: a seven day period in which user is to allowed to use all features of the app without paying
MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: paid subscription which allows user make new ENTRY when TRIAL PERIOD expires

User obligations

The USER undertakes to use Journal of Feelings according the law, this service term, and the privacy policy, in addition to other standards and undertakes not to reproduce, copy, distribute, transform or modify the contents, unless it has the prior authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or is legally permitted.

Intellectual property

The contents of this application and the website, texts, images, icons and others, as well as the trademark Journal of Feelings, are protected by Polish law and by foreign law. Reproduction, edition, distribution, or use of any information contained in this application or website outside its original scope requires the written permission of the owners ́s website or the content in question.
Downloads and copies of this application are allowed only for private use and for the benefit of users, both individuals and corporations.
Any acts or contributions intended for decompilation, reverse engineering, features ́modification, enhancement, alteration, merging or incorporation of Journal of Feelings or the website in any other programs, systems or sites are forbidden.


Journal of Feelings updates the APPLICATION in order to provide performance improvements, bug fixes and new functionality, but there is no specific periodicity depending on the sole and exclusive decision of its managers. The download of the APPLICATION its updates implies the tacit acceptance of this service term.

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